Prep is here to help! 

Once you have an idea in mind we want to help you grow and develop that concept. 

To start, you will have to get licensed by one of two companies... Deschutes County Health Services or Oregon Department of Agriculture. 

If you are looking to open a restaurant, catering business, food truck or cart you would be working with Deschutes County. 

And, if you have a product that you want to sell wholesale in retail stores and businesses you would be working with Oregon Department of Agriculture. Anything that would be considered a packaged item for sale to the public. This also includes beverage items. 

Tim Foley - Deschutes County Environmental Services;   

Main point of contact for Food Trucks. 

Phone: 541-322-7400 


Adrea Lovejoy - Deschutes County Environmental Services; Main point of contact for Restaurants & Events. 

Phone: 541-322-7400 


Jon Harrang - Department of Agriculture;

Main point of contact for packaged goods for resale. 

Phone: 541-923-0754


Any food related job in Oregon requires that you obtain an Oregon Food Handlers Certification. This is a quick and easy test that can be done online in a matter of minutes. The cost is less than $20 and just verifies that you have a basic understanding of food health standards and regulations. Here are a few websites where you can receive your certification: 

An ORLA Serv-Safe Certification is not required at Prep, but does provide an in depth and detailed understanding of the health and safety standards of Oregon. Most manager positions require this 1 day class to be taken and may be paid for by the employer. The link to register for this class is below: 

You have a great concept... Now what? 

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